About the project

Why we have created our own task tracking / project management tool ? Actually we have used many of webbased task management systems , but can't find something "not corporate" , where poeple just doing their work , no points and complex user interfaces. Software programs did not give us any solutions either , they are not updated systematically.
Thus we decided to create our own system configured to help small team's get their work done. There are a lot of resources for enterprise clients because they can pay for it, but what about heroes who are CEO, CTO , CMO, COO and sometimes even developers and coders of their projects ? How can poeple like us orginize their work without email queues and excel files ? We really hate paperwork and Excel/Word project management that were 90's , isnt it ?

Finally we developed prototype for our vision and start testing it. How we tested it ? Of course ourseleves because we are exactly that type of poeple we created our product for. After testing and adding some more basic functionality (Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler, this said smart guy , isn't he ) we decided to publish our child to private beta , so we can receive feedback and understood if we are on the right way or not.

We appreciate every word you can spread about us, so people like you and me can use this tool to manage their small businesses and startups. We also thankful for any feedback you will send us