So what actually our system does and what features it offers ?

  • Simplicity
  • Ability to work on project alone or with your teammates
  • Manage more than one projects with same poeple and keep everything orginized
  • Assign and reasign tasks to your teammates no matter if you are the project owner or teammate
  • Mark tasks as done or change it’s progress , if it is complex task
  • Fianlly approve tasks as done or send it back to task owner with comments
  • Order tasks by any of criterions: owner, progress, name etc.
  • Receive email updates about progress, you can receive emails even if you are not creator or the owner of task (you can manage email settings, it is up to you, we configured everything maxiamlly optimized)
  • Invite teammates any time and set which projects they can access

As you can see our features list is not so big and we are proud of it. Our experiences and quizes show that almost all small business managers don’t have enough time to play with minor options. Here is everything we needed during our development processes, but feel free to let us know if we missed something. Collaboratous is so simple that it can be used not by just software/web development companies, it can be used everywhere where are tasks that need to be done.
ccessed from any browser. Everything is more easier with our iPhone and Android applications.